TUDCA ELITE (100 capsules x 300mg)

*Customers please note:- our bottles and caps have changed to white. Labeling remains the same and unchanged

New from Ripped Labz!

300mg capsules of the powerful liver-protecting Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid. 

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Ripped Labz proudly presents our new TUDCA ELITE! Each bottle contains 100/300mg capsules of the powerful liver-protecting Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid.

TUDCA ELITE benefits:
-potent liver protection
-restores enzyme balance
-perfect for PCT and On-Cycle


  • Used in clinical situations to enhance liver function
  • TUDCA is shown to effectively combat liver disease such as cholestasis
  • The most potent liver support ingredient available
  • Ideal to counteract toxicity from drugs or prohormones
  • Immensely more potent than popular nutrients like milk thistle
  • Research has shown it can help combat diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Clinical research shows it has neuro-protective capabilities
  • Shown to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body