MENT 100 x 10mg Capsules

*Customers please note:- our bottles and lids have changed to white. Labeling remains the same and unchanged

Reportedly the most powerful anabolic steroid ever created, this preparation of MENT is intended for oral use. So far, the compound is still legal for research purposes.

Increase in size, appetite, muscle fullness, strength and energy! Most researchers find it's great as a pre-workout.

Half life approx 8 hours. PCT and estrogen blocker required.

Dosages up to 50mg per day maybe too high. Recommended 20-30mg.

Trestelone Acetate 



100 x 10mg capsules



NB: This product has not received regulatory approval from the FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) for human consumption. Without FDA approval, no claim can be made as to the safety or efficacy of this product. In purchasing this product, the customer acknowledges potential known and unknown hazards associated with its use. RIPPED LABZ does not approve, encourage or condone the use of this product in any way. It is sold for research purposes only, and NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.