What is your returns policy?​
Return Policy & Purchase Agreement www.rippedlabz.co.uk allows all purchases made through www.rippedlabz.co.uk official store, to be returned with 14 days, if your order meets any of the requirements below. 1. If the order is lost by the carrier on it's way to your address, or if you receive it in the mail and it's damaged, you may be eligible for a replacement of the exact same items. Proof of not receiving the item, or proof of the damaged item is necessary in order to be eligible. 2. If you received the wrong item, you may be eligible for a replacement or a refund, upon you returning the item to Ripped Labz. We will raise a return request at our expense. 3. If you receive your item on time, and it's the correct product, you are not eligible for a return. Unless their is an error in any way on rippedlabz.com or from it's staff, customers are not eligible for a return once it has shipped and been processed. All returns require manager approval before being accepted. Please email customerservices@rippedlabz.com